Windgoo & Moovway/Gyroboarder B20 E-bike controller

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Controller for Windgoo & Moovway/Gyroboarder B20 E-Bike

The controller of your Windgoo & Moovway/Gyroboarder B20 E-Bike is a vital component that manages the flow of electricity from the battery to the motor. It serves as the "brain" of your e-bike, processing signals from the throttle, brake, and other sensors to adjust the speed and power output of the motor.

This controller, specifically designed for the B20 model, includes a microprocessor that receives input from the rider and makes calculations based on the state of the e-bike's battery, motor, and other components. It uses this information to determine the appropriate voltage and current to send to the motor, ensuring a smooth and controlled riding experience.

Whether you need a replacement or an upgrade, this controller is a crucial part of maintaining the optimal performance of your Windgoo & Moovway/Gyroboarder B20 E-Bike. Invest in the reliability and efficiency of your e-bike's electrical system with this dedicated controller.

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