Windgoo & Moovway/Gyrobooder B19 B20 E-Fiets motor

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Windgoo & Moovway/Gyroboarder B19 B20 E-Bike Motor

Elevate your electric biking experience with the Windgoo & Moovway/Gyroboarder B19 B20 E-Bike Motor. This powerful motor is designed to provide efficient and reliable performance, enhancing your ride with speed and responsiveness.

Compatible with both Windgoo and Moovway/Gyroboarder B19 and B20 E-Bikes, this motor ensures a seamless integration for a smooth and enjoyable journey. Whether you're commuting or exploring, the motor delivers the necessary power to conquer various terrains with ease.

The durable construction of the E-Bike Motor ensures longevity and endurance, making it a dependable component for your electric bike. Experience enhanced acceleration and a dynamic riding experience, thanks to the precision engineering of the Windgoo & Moovway/Gyroboarder B19 B20 E-Bike Motor.


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Battery Capacity
6 Ah, Without Throttle (Legal Version)
6 Ah, With Throttle
7.5 Ah, Without Throttle (Legal Version)
7.5 Ah, With Throttle
10 Ah, Without Throttle (Legal Version)
10 Ah, With Throttle