Windgoo & Moovway/Gyroboarder B20 Pro E-bike controller 36V/ 250W/15A

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Windgoo & Moovway/Gyroboarder B20 Pro E-Bike Controller 36V/250W/15A

The controller of the Windgoo & Moovway/Gyroboarder B20 Pro E-Bike is a crucial component that manages the flow of electricity from the battery to the motor. Serving as the "brain" of the E-Bike, this controller processes signals from the throttle, brake, and other sensors to adjust the speed and power output of the 36V/250W/15A motor.

Typically located near the battery and motor, the controller is housed in a protective casing to prevent damage from the elements. It includes a microprocessor that receives input from the rider, making calculations based on the state of the E-Bike's battery, motor, and other components. Using this information, the controller determines the appropriate voltage and current to send to the motor, ensuring optimal performance.

The Windgoo & Moovway/Gyroboarder B20 Pro E-Bike Controller may also feature safety elements such as overcurrent protection and thermal monitoring to safeguard the battery and motor. Some controllers come equipped with built-in diagnostic tools to identify potential issues with the E-Bike's performance or components.

Overall, the Windgoo & Moovway/Gyroboarder B20 Pro E-Bike Controller plays a vital role in ensuring safe and reliable operation while providing the rider with the power and control needed to navigate the streets.

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6 Ah, Without Throttle (Legal Version)
6 Ah, With Throttle
7.5 Ah, Without Throttle (Legal Version)
7.5 Ah, With Throttle
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